Vintage Computers and Hardware

Vintage Portable Computers

A selection of Vintage Portable Computers from year 1970 – 2000

Zeos Pocket PC Computer (1992) - ZEOS International, Ltd. - Attribution DeeperThought

Zeos Pocket PC Computer

PowerBook 150 (1991) - Apple Computers, Inc. - Photograph by Dana Sibera (Danamania)

PowerBook 150 Computer

HP 95LX Pocket Computer (1991) - Photograph W. T. Shymanski

HP 95LX Pocket Computer

Poqet PC Computer (1990) - Photo by John Bäckstrand

Poqet PC Computer

Outbound Computer (1989) - Outbound Systems Inc. Model 2000

Outbound Computer

Macintosh Portable Computer (1989) - Apple Inc.

Macintosh Portable Computer

Atari Portfolio Computer (1989) - Atari - Photo by Evan-Amos

Atari Portfolio Computer

IBM Convertible Computer (1986) - IBM

IBM Convertible Computer

Toshiba T1100 Computer (1985) - Toshiba

Toshiba T1100 Computer

Morrow Pivot II (1985) - Morrow Designs

Morrow Pivot II

Data General One Laptop Computer (1984) - Austin Calhoon Photograph

Data General One Laptop

Epson PX-8 Computer (1984) - Epson

Epson PX-8 Computer

Osborne 1 Computer (1981)

Osborne 1 Computer

TRS-80 Pocket Computer

TRS-80 Pocket Computer

HP-85 (1980) Computer

HP-85 Computer

Intertec Superbrain Computer (1979)

Intertec Superbrain Computer


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